Personal narratives living through Syrian oral histories...

The Syrian Oral History Archive

The Syrian Oral History Archive is an initiative launched by Dawlaty as an attempt to present Syrian narratives on what happened in Syria from the beginning of the peaceful movement in 2011 until today, collecting oral histories and building an archive that any Syrian from current and future generations can access.


Dawlaty is a nonprofit foundation that believes in nonviolence and peaceful resistance, working towards a democratic and peaceful transition in a state that upholds human rights, equality, tolerance and diversity. Dawlaty strives to support civil society to become an active participant in Syria’s transition towards a just democratic state.


Shadows of the disappeared

A joint report by Dawlaty and Women Now developed with the aim to broaden and enrich the ongoing discussions around enforced disappearance and its long-term ‘gendered’ impacts on society, this report uncovers the gendered aspects of enforced disappearance and its impacts on female relatives.

The Archive

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